Poop as Art

A giant turd art installation by Paul McCarthy  called "Complex Sh*t" displayed at a Swiss museum got even more complex than anticipated when the wind blew it away 200 meters from the exhibition. While airborne, it knocked down a power line and broke windows of a greenhouse, and windows of a … [Read more...]

Notes from Neighbors on Dog Poop

I think we've all been there. You have found yourself either stepping on dog poop, watching a poopetrator in the act, or walking out to your lawn to find that your neighbors dog has left you a doo doo surprise, again! What to do in this situation? We say hand them an Easy Scoop a Poop with a note. … [Read more...]

Homemade All Natural Flea and Tick Medicine

We love the thought of repelling fleas and ticks the natural way. If it reduces the amount of toxins that our pets are exposed to, then we're all for it! We found these ingredients simple, natural, and more than likely already in your kitchen! Ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice and vegetable … [Read more...]