Scoop of the Week: The Dog Poop Project

Jang Cho a resident of Queens is on a mission to point out a problem of pet waste pickup in a funny sarcastic way through his Dog Poop Project. They say laughter is the best medicine, and noticeably also a great way to spread the message: “Pick up after you dog’s poop!”

The first series of the Dog Poop Project is the “Toilet Stencil”. Jang uses temporary spray chalk and stencil and for many passersby this project can also be viewed as green street art.

The second series of the Dog Poop Project are “Found Flyers”. Jang has poster over 100 found flyers in the Queens area. The phone number leads you to a voice recording and the email directs you to a google page where you can find products to help pick up your pet’s waste.
Found1 Found
recordingScreen shot 2013-05-09 at 2.48.27 PM

The Dog Project has gained national attention along with great responses from neighbors in Queens area.  From media recognition such as The Queens Courier to happy neighbors, Jang Cho’s humor is combating a rising problem of pet waste in quite an out of the box manner. Someone had to “DOO” it!

Here at Easy Scoop A poop, we are all striving for the common goal of reducing hazardous pet waste and keeping our mother Earth clean and beautiful. We applaud you Jang Cho for your mission to keep Queens scooping- may it resonate far and wide! Happy Scooping!