Thanksgiving Recipes for Dogs


Certainly we are grateful for our dogs, and in many ways our dogs are treated as a part of our family. Why not include our four legged friends in on our Thanksgiving celebration? I know, it seems as if we have enough on our plates when it comes to preparing the Thanksgiving table, but many dog- friendly recipes are dishes commonly served up on thanksgiving day. Steamed veggies, and baked sweet potato are examples of simple food items that usually make it on the table anyway, this time we can set a bite aside for Fido.

Rachel Ray has some amazing dog friendly recipes that are yummy enough for humans too! We rounded up our top four “Thanksgiving” dog recipes that we think will be fun to try with our dogs this year. Above we have 1. Green-beany Casserole, 2. Pooch-pate 3. Pumpkin Barley with Turkey 4. K-9 Ingredient Meatballs

*Always check with your vet to make sure which foods are safe for your pet.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Easy Scoop a Poop!

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