Scoop the Poop Movement: Park Spark Project

We are so excited to share what brilliant minds can do when it comes to encouraging pet owners to pick up after their pet. The Park Spark Project combines science with a cause by introducing a Methane Digester into public parks to collect dog waste and transform it into methane. From here, the methane produced by the Digester is burned in the form of a lamppost for light. In other words, they’re taking dog poop and converting it into energy to light lampposts in parks!

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scoop the poop

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Their first successful project was introduced to the residents of Cambridge MA and have gained amazing support from not only the community but environmentalists, pet owners, and the press that they have been able to spread out their next project to the Netherlands. Here, instead of dog poop they use cow manure to power a social space for communal tea drinking. The tea served at the teahouse is not bought, but foraged by the locals in the community. The heat used to boil the water for the tea comes from transforming cow manure from local farms into energy (methane) through a methane digester. Scooping poop has now found another way to help mother earth and its’ inhabitants, pretty amazing right?!

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Happy Scooping!