Scoop of the Week: The Dog Poop Project

Jang Cho a resident of Queens is on a mission to point out a problem of pet waste pickup in a funny sarcastic way through his Dog Poop Project. They say laughter is the best medicine, and noticeably also a great way to spread the message: "Pick up after you dog's poop!" The first series of the … [Read more...]

Scoop Of The Week – Apartments and Pet Waste

Hello pet lovers, National Scoop the Poop Week is over and it’s nice to start the month of May on a “clean” slate. A good place to start is apartments and pet waste. Now that you’ve all digested some pet waste knowledge it should be coming out of you by leaps and bounds, and passed on to other … [Read more...]

Dogs and their Capacity for Emotion

dogs and their capacity for emotion

Dogs and Their Capacity for Emotion Dogs and their capacity for emotion not only provide comfort but also relieves stress and helps us emotionally heal. Therapy dogs are not to be mistaken with service dogs who's assistance are clearly defined. Therapy dogs help us unwind and break down our … [Read more...]