Dogs Going Out in Style

It's sweater season for many of us, including our dogs! When temperatures drop, taking your dogs out to do their business can be more than just grabbing your bags, your Easy Scoop a poop, and your leash. Some dogs don't just go out to take care of business, but they also go out in style! Check out … [Read more...]

Scoop the Poop Movement: Park Spark Project

We are so excited to share what brilliant minds can do when it comes to encouraging pet owners to pick up after their pet. The Park Spark Project combines science with a cause by introducing a Methane Digester into public parks to collect dog waste and transform it into methane. From here, the … [Read more...]

Charlie Brown: I want a dog for Christmas

Some of my favorite parts about the holidays is carrying on old traditions. I love watching Christmas classics, they always feed my nostalgia for Christmas at home with the family. It brings back memories of growing up and watching re-runs of the Christmas Story and Charlie Brown's I want a dog for … [Read more...]