Funny Holiday Pet Christmas Cards

Being pet lovers and Austinites we just love this great Christmas card collaboration between Austin Pet's Alive and The Creative Suitcase. The Creative Suitcase takes on a holiday project every year donating 5% of profits to the organization of choice. Last year they chose the organization Austin … [Read more...]

Dear Santa: Help Unfortunate Pets

The holidays always get us in the spirit of giving and spending time with love ones. It is also a good time to realize how fortunate we are to be able to give, and to help those less fortunate. Dogs are very much a big part of our families yet so many are left lonely, cold, sick or mistreated. … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Recipes for Dogs

Certainly we are grateful for our dogs, and in many ways our dogs are treated as a part of our family. Why not include our four legged friends in on our Thanksgiving celebration? I know, it seems as if we have enough on our plates when it comes to preparing the Thanksgiving table, but many dog- … [Read more...]