Last Minute Alternatives to Poop Bags

We've all been there. That moment when you ran out the door to take your dog on a bathroom break and realize you have ran out of Poop bags AFTER the duty was done. Yikes! Now what? One quick alternative would be to dig in your purse or pockets for long receipts and lose paper. If you carry a pocket … [Read more...]

House Training Your Puppy

When we created our Easy Scoop a Poop, we kept both puppies and senior dogs in mind to make it easier on all dog owners to pick up after their pet. In this post we will cover the four most important rules to house-training your puppy, because we all know you would much rather use your Easy Scoop a … [Read more...]

NYC Church’s Holy Messages on Dog Poop

Here at Easy Scoop a Poop we are always impressed by the creative ways taken to approach the ever growing problem of pet owners not picking up after their pet. The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is quite the New York landmark and has also faced their share of irresponsible pet owners on their … [Read more...]